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Dangers Of Using Worn Tire

Worn tires are a sign of danger. Tread grooves are vital for safe driving! Tread wear causes poor tire
performance and can lead to serious problems!


Worn tires need a longer stopping distance on wet roads!

According to JATMA* study
Comparison of the stopping distance of new tires and worn tires on wet surface.

*Japan Automobile Tire Manufactures Association


Driving in the rain with worn tires is very dangerous!

Driving fast on a wet road with worn tires may lead to slipping (hydroplaning phenomenon).


Replace the tire immediately when the tread wear indicator shows!

The Tread wear indicator appears when the tread has worn out to 1.6mm.Never use a tire where even just one tread wear indicator is exposed.


Advantages of Tire Rotation

1. Prevention of Uneven Tread Wear
2. Extension of Tire Service Life
3. Averaging of Tire Fatigue

Note: The front-wheel tires of an FF vehicle wear two or three times faster than the rear-wheel tires because the front-wheel tires function for both driving and steering.


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